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pinheiro.jpg    There is a gap in market of women accessories between beatiful jewerlry with high value and pieces that are clearly defined by price. The market does not offer high quality pieces with viable value. The desire of offering pieces with jewelry quality but at attractive price makes possible the rise of LE LIBAN PLATED JEWERLS.

 Inspired at the Middle East and observing the women's desires for fashionable and well design plated jewerls, Le Liban developed yours collections with standards os quality and fine shape, with  exclusive details and great price, design, quality, exclusivity do not means impracticable prices.

 Le Liban mix fashion style and classic lines to make a great impression. Here is the place where the classic meet fashion, offering women the chance of wearing pieces that will steal the attention without pay more for that.

 Le Liban offers a unique experience of contemporaneous glamour with pieces draw to shine.

 The Le Liban is registered trademark word, logo and symbol. 

  Mixing luxury and style. Le Liban achive the vanguard on production of semi-jewel, using top process and raw with high control quality, this way allow an astonished finished with lines that shows quality and beauty.   

 Our essence is glamour, producing design with a touch of simplicity, guiding new tendencies.

 These epitomes of styles ensure customer's identification with our collections; this plus great quality made of each one of our pieces a perfect acessory, makes the purchasing experience unique. Le Liban: elegance, glacious and confidence ready to wearing. Pieces design for women.    

 Show yourself captivating and well succeed by wearing a plated jewel Le Liban. The looks find your plated jewel Le Liban any time, your girl friends will wish to know where you find such jewel, and if you reveal how much did you pay for, they gone be surprised.

 Quality, design, elegancy and the attention that our pieces allowed, makes you forget that you are not wearing a real jewel. Spark even more with exclusive plated jewels LE LIBAN.                                          



 Bring the beauty of jewelry to the women' day, with quality, design and warranty. Build a sustainable business, offering great atmosphere of work for our employees and financial and comercial development conditions for our clients and suppliers. 



 Permanet improvement, endeavor and share our victories. 


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   Le Liban is synonymous of quality.

   Our pieces are made utilizing the best raw material and process. All collections presentes a real jewel shape.

   We have last generation lab and brand new machinery , what allow us to offer to our clients products with the higher standards of internacional quality.  

   Our pieces are 100% nickel free ( hypo-allergic) because we care with your health.


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               Identification Timbre                                   Chains with Identification 


   One of our primaries concerning is the quality of our products. Considering this we have high exigent level for our suppliers to ensure that we work only with the best raw materials what give to our pieces an ultimate look.

    All our pieces are plated with high layers of gold / silver / rhodium, using 10 to 15 microns. This is what make possible to us offering two years FULL WARRANTY for our collections.

   All our pieces have an identification timbre impress so you can have a 100% sure that you are buying a genuine plated jewel Le Liban.  



Jóias Leliban
Jóias Leliban
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